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Comprehensive Course

Focus on Speaking
Get comfortable speaking in English! How? By speaking, listening, and more speaking, with a live instructor by phone. Focus on Speaking is a flexible course that adapts to your learning goals. Easy-to-use Web instructional materials complement the live instruction and practice sessions, to accelerate your progress.  Advanced Beginner through Advanced Intermediate levels.

Course Length:  12-24 weeks
Learning Modes:
    Web/online + Live One-on-one Instruction by Phone

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What will I learn?

Specialized Courses

Accent Training - Inside English
Don’t let your pronunciation skills hold you back! Inside English will help you improve your English pronunciation skills through one-to-one sessions with a trained speech professional. Communicate with confidence.

Course Length:  4-14 weeks
Learning Modes:
Web/online + Live One-on-one Instruction by Video Conference

Business English Writing
Learn the basics of writing effective business letters, memos, and reports and much more. Under the guidance of an English instructor, you will learn to communicate clearly and effectively in written English. Topics include writing etiquette, grammar, punctuation, and document flow.

Course Length:  6-12 weeks
Learning Modes:
    Web/online + Live One-on-one Instruction by Phone
    Web/online + Live Online Training in a Group via Video Conference 

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