Live Mobile English for Business...How does it work?

Learn with focused multimedia lessons, interactive audio and video activities, exercises, role-playing and quizzes.

Connect with your instructor before, during, and after each lesson for guidance and questions.

Practice in a live tutoring session with a professional English instructor at the end of each lesson.

Improve with detailed feedback from your instructor including conversation recordings, audio segments to practice and written evaluations.

Why the Mobile English method works:

It’s flexible. You’ll  learn at  your own pace and set up live tutoring sessions each week around your schedule. You pick the time and the place so there’s no reason to get behind.

It’s portable. Lessons can be accessed anywhere you happen to be—waiting for a meeting, delayed at the airport, or at home  in a comfy chair—on your mobile phone, PocketPC, or laptop computer.

It’s convenient.  Live tutoring and conversation practice is done by phone, so it is as easy as making a call. No classroom to get to, no travel time, no parking problems. Just pick up your mobile phone. It’s that convenient.

It’s focused.  You’ll be placed in the right course and level based on your skills, goals, and objectives.  The vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, role playing and conversation practice are all focused on you. Each private  phone tutoring session is based on the lesson areas you need to focus on and is followed by detailed feedback from your instructor.

 It’s fun.  Live Mobile English is entertaining and fun enough to never show up on a to-do list. Instead of finding reasons to put it off, you’ll find yourself spending more and more time using it.

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